About us

Mezcalito's Cocina & Tequila Bar brings an original twist of Mexican dishes to Grant Park. Originally based recipes from Acapulco are nothing of the ordinary. All of our food and drinks are carefully prepared daily, bringing you the freshest dishes in town.



Made fresh from scratch

Our drink menu consists of fresh hand-squeezed lime & lemon juice which we use to handcraft our cocktails. We value the crisp flavors of the agave plant and use only homemade mixes to complement each mezcal, sotol, and tequila.


The Space

Our friendly & romantic atmosphere welcomes families, dates, and big parties. You can also enjoy our patio during the warmer months with your four-legged friend, yes, our patio is dog friendly!

Private party

Tequila, Sotol, & Mezcal

Get to know your agave spirit


Made from Blue Agave only, grown in the Mexican state of Jalisco. Different aging processes yield various tastes and qualities of tequilas. Try one of our flights to taste the uniqueness of the aging process between silver, reposado, & añejo tequila.


A distilled spirit that is grown in the northern desert of Mexico. This wild plant takes about 14 years to mature and yields a sweet finish. Best consumed with an orange wedge to bring out its true flavors.


Made from 28+ different agave plants. The agave's piña is roasted underground which is usually covered by rocks so that the smoke escapes back into the spirit, giving its unique smoky flavor. Best enjoyed sipped, with an orange wedge or, in a mixed cocktail. Try our "Mezcal Mule" to experience the smoky flavor mixed with our homemade ginger mix.



304 Oakland Avenue Southeast
Atlanta, GA


Fri, Sat
11:00 AM - 10:30 PM
Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur
11:00 AM - 10:00 PM